PEDDaL® is a registered trademark.

Editions of PEDDaL® databases are copyrighted as compilation works, and may not be used for any purposes other than verifying the date of the documents having records within an authorized edition of a PEDDaL® database.

PEDDaL®, along with much of the related software and methods, is patented with additional patents pending.  The current set of issued patents that may cover portions of the PEDDaL® products and services include:  7,676,501; 7,865,484; 7,877,365; 7,904,450; 8,135,714; and continuation patents that claim priority to these patents.

Some of the above-mentioned patents have successfully completed the USPTO’s Peer Reviewed Prior Art Pilot Project program.  See

Licenses to some – BUT NOT ALL – of these patents may be available, subject to certain terms.  Any licensing will reflect the intent of the owner of PEDDaL® that many of the patents will be used for product differentiation, and only those patents will be licensed that will not lead to competition against any entity voluntarily selected by the owner of PEDDaL® for compiling and distributing database editions.  Licensable patents are only those that will permit supply of document records to a PEDDaL® authorized entity or certain uses of database editions or activities that are not any form of competition with any PEDDaL® related activities.