The following terms include prohibitions against competing with PEDDaL®, using the website or information for purposes not endorsed by PEDDaL®, and suing PEDDaL® over IP that is involved with providing PEDDaL® products or services.  If you have no intention to engage in those activities, and do not know anyone who does, then these terms should be fairly innocuous.  Otherwise, do not use any PEDDaL® services.  We do not want to do business with anyone who will sue us or assist another who sues us for providing these products and services.

By downloading or using the provided software or database editions, or submitting any files to PEDDaL®, whether using the provided software or any other software, and whether such activities are performed by you personally or someone working under your control or for your benefit, you agree to the following terms, which are only subject to exception by an authorized representative of PEDDaL®.  If you are working under the control or for the benefit of another, you bind them to these terms, so inform them that you have done so.  You may only use software provided on this website, provided that you agree to ALL of the following terms:

You must comply with these terms and all applicable laws.  You may not use the service or software to harm others or the service.  We are not responsible for any injury you incur or cause by using this service or software.  You hold us harmless for publishing any PEDDaL® records that you submit.  Please respect the rights of others when using this service or software.

Your documents, which are protected by this service, remain your documents.  It is your responsibility to retain copies of your documents in bit-for-bit identical condition as they were when the PEDDaL® records are generated.  Failure to retain a proper copy of a document will destroy your ability to use this service to establish a date of existence with a PEDDaL® record.  

If you ever need to prove the date of existence of any of your documents in the future, you will need to furnish a bit-for-bit exact copy of that document to a third party, who can independently reproduce the hash values in corresponding PEDDaL® record.  You will likely also need to assist the third party in obtaining the correct database edition and identifying the proper record in the database edition.  You acknowledge your understanding that the date of existence that can be established by PEDDaL® is not the date of creation, or even the date of record submission, or even the date of the database edition close-out, but instead is some date after the database edition close-out.

Your PEDDaL® records, which you will transmit to us, will also remain your property, but copies will be included in a compilation for which we will hold copyright, and which we will publicly distribute with no control by you.  You have no right of ownership in the compilation, but you may use the compilation according to the specified terms on authorized PEDDaL® websites.

You may use information obtained from this website, provide that it is only used for the purposes of establishing dates for documents having records submitted to an authorized edition of a PEDDaL® database.  You may not include any editions of a PEDDaL database in any other work.

You may only upload PEDDaL® records that are compliant with the PEDDaL® database format.  This includes hexadecimal characters only, in a set of exactly 256 characters (unless the PEDDaL® software sets a different number).  The first 168 records must be legitimate hash values of a single digital file.  No contrived records are permitted.  There are no refunds for submitting an improper record.

The software may not be used to prepare submissions for any other document dating list or equivalent service or product, or for verify the integrity of a document listed on another document dating list or equivalent service or product.  You may not use any software provided by PEDDaL® with any database that is in competition with PEDDaL®, including databases which themselves are submitted to PEDDaL® as a record of records.  You may not use the software to create a record for an edition of another document dating list.  You may not distributed the software to anyone whom you have a reasonable basis to suspect will use it outside of these terms.
You assume all risks associated with using this website, any PEDDaL® service and the provided software.  There are no guaranteed edition close-out and publication dates, unless otherwise specified.

The service and any software is provided “as is,” “with all faults,” and “as available.”  There is no guarantee regarding the accuracy or timeliness of information available from the service or software.  You acknowledge that computer and telecommunications systems are not fault-free and occasional periods of downtime occur.  You acknowledge that this website is, along with others on the internet, susceptible to hacking that may deface or subtly alter the content and functionality.  There is no guarantee that the service or software will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, or that data loss will not occur.  PEDDaL®, PEDDal® affiliates, and PEDDaL® authorized entities give no express warranties, guarantees, or conditions.  We exclude any implied warranties, including for merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike effort, and noninfringement.  You may have certain rights under your local law.  Nothing in this contract is intended to affect those rights, if they are applicable.

You acknowledge that the owner and all authorized operators of PEDDaL® are under no obligation to provide any software or services to you, and therefore have a right to withhold services and software from you.  You further acknowledge that these services and software are only made available to those who have agreed to these terms, and that these services and software are provided to you only because of reliance upon your promise to uphold these terms in good faith.

For any legal disputes arising from the operation of this website or the software, the choices of venue and law will be determined at the sole discretion of the owner of PEDDaL®, at approximately the time you notify the owner of a dispute.  Currently, due to the location of PEDDaL® personnel in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area, the owner selects the Northern District of Texas.  You may only use the services provided by this website if you consent to the choices of venue and law by the owner of PEDDaL®, even if another venue would be proper and more convenient for you.

You grant the owner and all authorized operators of PEDDaL® their most advantageous non-exclusive license or sublicense rights, up to a perpetual non-revocable license, for any IP for which you are able to grant any license rights, and which are reasonably involved in the provision of PEDDaL® services or software to you or others.  This includes the collection, publication, and public distribution of PEDDaL® records, software, and services, and operation of any PEDDaL® authorized website.  IP includes copyrights and patents.  You agree to indemnify the owner and all authorized operators of PEDDaL® up to their full liability and legal costs for any IP infringement occurring by the creation or operation of any authorized PEDDaL® website or software, if you participate in any IP infringement litigation opposing an entity that is authorized by PEDDaL® to provide PEDDaL® related products or services.  If you cannot grant a license to any IP to which you are licensed or otherwise have any right, including a contingent fee arrangement to collect any portion of an infringement judgment, then you agree to indemnify the owner and all authorized operators of PEDDaL® up to their full liability and legal costs, even if this amount exceeds your right to collect.  There is no reciprocal IP license grant-back available to you.  Your full consideration is the benefit of establishing a document date.  If you intend to sue anyone over this PEDDaL® service or reasonably foreseeable future versions, or have any reasonable or actual basis to expect that you may decide to do so in the future, then don’t use it.  It is that simple.

You covenant not to sue any of the owner and all authorized operators of PEDDaL® for IP infringement for any IP that is reasonably involved in the provision of PEDDaL® services or software, as it exists today and for reasonably foreseeable evolutions in the future.  You agree to refrain from assisting, in any way, with any IP infringement lawsuit that is brought against the owner or any authorized operator of PEDDaL®, for the operation of PEDDaL®, except the minimum extent required by a lawful court order.  If you use any PEDDaL® services or software for the benefit of any entity, either with that entity’s consent or acquiescence or in any other manner in which you act as an agent or can invoke that entity’s liability or indemnification for your actions, you bind that entity to these terms.  You agree that you will not engage in any such activity without clearly identifying these terms to a proper representative of that entity, and will indemnify the owner and all authorized operators of PEDDaL® for your failure to obtain proper authorization.

It is fundamentally unfair to avail yourself of the benefits of PEDDaL® products or services, and then sue anyone who provides authorized PEDDaL® products or services for infringement of IP that was used to benefit you.  If you have previously participated in any IP lawsuit against any PEDDaL® authorized entity, you agree to become liable for reimbursing all of those entities for all expenses reasonably associated with lawsuits in which you participated adversely to any those entities.

Any software distributed from this website may contain further license terms.  You must agree to those terms, in addition to these terms above, in order to use the software.  All parts of this contract apply to the maximum extent permitted by relevant law.  If a court holds that we cannot enforce a part of this contract as written, you and we will replace those terms with similar terms to the extent enforceable under the relevant law, but the rest of this contract won't change.

IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE OR ANY OF THE SOFTWARE OR INFORMATION (including database editions), and do not have any other person or entity use this website or any of the software or information for your benefit, even if you obtained the software or information from another source than this website.