PEDDaL® enables you to easily prove that a document has existed, and has not been altered, since approximately the date that its "digital fingerprint" was registered in a PEDDaL database.

PEDDaL® can help protect you against lawsuits, both patent infringement and trade secret theft, by creating evidence that will enable you to win so easily, that many potential plaintiffs will not risk the cost and expense of filing a lawsuit against you.  However, if they do file one, and if the facts are on your side, you could win almost automatically, with drastically reduced expenses.  A smart investment!

Documents protected by PEDDaL® may remain in your sole possession - entirely secret - until a later time, when you need to prove their contents.  Creating and submitting a PEDDaL® database entry does not reveal any document content, so it is perfect for registering trade secret documentation and other technical documents awaiting patent protection.  Unlike document archive services, to whom you must give copies of your documents, PEDDaL® does not require that you provide a copy of your documents to anyone - even us - to register them.  And unlike "trusted timestamping" services, which must remain in business and also must be trusted by a court or your lawsuit opponent, your investment in PEDDaL® protection is secure almost immediately, with far lower risks.

®, along with much of the related software and methods, is patent-pending.  The compiled databases are copyrighted works, and may not be incorporated into any other database without permission.  Submitting a record entry to PEDDaL® constitutes assignment of any copyright.

$$  COST  $$

The current price for entering a document record into the database is $10 (US) for the first record entry, and an additional $10 for the next 9 records, submitted at the same time.  This enables you to protect 10 documents for only $20.

Soon, an automated subscription service will be available for submitting larger quantities of records with a lower per-unit cost.

You must also agree to grant or license, whichever is applicable, any intellectual property rights (IPR) to PEDDaL®, that are reasonably involved with providing you and others with this service, for no additional cost, in perpetuity.  For example, PEDDaL(@) will hold all copyright interest in any compilation works that include the records you submit, although you may use your own copies of the submitted records as you wish.  See the License Terms for additional details.


For instructions on submitting a document record entry, send an email to QUESTIONS @  Remove the spaces to form the email address.

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